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Trickle transforms your screenshots using GPT-4 Vision. Beyond summarization, we decode the essence of your captures.

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to Trickle.

Upload your screenshots to declutter your camera roll, keep them organized in one place, and never forget.


Get an insightful digest.

Receive AI-generated insightful summaries for each uploaded screenshot, especially for text-heavy and unstructured diagrams.


Browse, search, and ask with ease.

Easily retrieve and interact with your saved screenshots, and instruct the AI to provide extra insights.

Find insights with the reasoning abilities of GPT-4 instead of just text extraction.

Apple Q3 FY23 Income Statement

The screenshot provides a detailed breakdown of Apple's Q3 FY23 income statement, highlighting revenues, profits, and expenses.

Total Revenue: $81.8B, down 1% Y/Y

Gross Profit: $36.4B, 45% margin, up 1pp Y/Y

Operating Profit: $23.0B, 28% margin

Net Profit: $19.9B, 24% margin, up 1pp Y/Y

Major revenue sources: iPhone ($39.7B), Services ($21.2B), MacBook and other products ($21B)

Major expenses: Cost of revenue ($45.4B), Operating expenses ($13.4B)

Period: Q3 FY23, ending June 2023

Source: appeconomyinsights.comTrickle AI

BCG Web3 Decision Tree

The screenshot presents a decision tree by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to help businesses decide whether to adopt Web3 or not. It includes various factors such as the ratio of sellers to buyers, the complexity of the supply chain, the possibility of reselling goods in a secondary market, and the potential for a creator economy.

The decision tree starts with the question of whether the business wants to make money or create an impact.

It considers the source of users, whether from existing Web2 platforms/services or Web3 communities.

It also explores the interest in the decentralized web and the plan to create or tap into an ecosystem with the product/service.

The decision tree ends with different outcomes, including staying in Web2, experimenting, or welcoming to the Web3.Trickle AI

Spotify Login Screen

The screenshot shows the login screen of Spotify where a user has entered an incorrect username or password. The screen also provides options to continue with Google, Facebook, or Apple.

App: Spotify

Error: Incorrect username or password

Other login options: Google, Facebook, AppleTrickle AI

Garry Tan Discusses Potential for New Consumer Product

Garry Tan responds to a user's tweet about the need for a better way to manage screenshots, suggesting a potential consumer product.

User: Madeline (@madsmacartney)

Date: Jun 26, 2023

Engagement: 20 Reposts, 5 Quotes, 437 Likes, 217 Bookmarks

Context: Discussion on managing screenshots and internet mapping.Trickle AI

Find a treasure trove in your screenshots. With Trickle, they could become your inspiration board, snippet library, scrapbook, or whatever you'd like.

Integrate with key tools in your stack

Connect Trickle to your tools for quick capturing and syncing.

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What You Can Achieve with Trickle

Extract insights from screenshots.
Identify and highlight essential info from diagrams.
Digitize your handwritten content.
Easily search your screenshots.
Ask AI about semantic results.
Recognize non-text-based graphics. New
Extract plain text using traditional OCR. New

Scale your power of thinking effortlessly with AI

Go beyond breaking memories into divisions; blend them into an organic whole. Free you from the massive time sink of organizing. Remember and recall everything as effortlessly as using your own brain.

Trickle scales your power of thinking effortlessly with AI

Capture a Screenshots and Send It in a Snap

Declutter your camera roll and photos folder, saving them from piling up by giving a home for your screenshots. Offload them across devices and never forget.


Way beyond text extraction. It's all about insights.

Never lose track of the context. Trickle AI will generate insightful summary for each snapshot. Especially good at the unstructured ones.


Never get stuck on finding what you what

Retrieve your saved screenshots from the depths of buried folders. Ask AI not just to seek but to serve.

Capture Anything in a Flash

Trickle makes it easy to capture everything coming at you, just like fire-and-forget. Drop an image and receive a stunning snapshot with an AI-generated summary for easy digestion.

Capture anything with Trickle and create a beautiful snapshot

Get a Photographic Memory, Literally.

Remember every detail, every fact, and every moment. It's a total extension of your brain. Don't settle for an ordinary memory when you can have an extraordinary one.

Capture and store your memory into Trickle as getting a photographic memory

Think with Personal Search Engine

Say goodbye to keyword searches of the past. Simply ask your question now, and let AI provide answers while retrieving your stored memories.

Trickle personal search engine

Craft Value from Your Past Ideas

Discover hidden treasures within your past ideas. Utilize AI to recall memories and reimagine your past knowledge into novel creations.

Use your past ideas to create new insights
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