Embed & Bookmark

Insert an embed

You can embed any online content from other apps into Trickle. Press the </> button under the text box or hit / to find Embed from the list. You will see we offered some shortcuts for a few of the popular apps on the dropdown menu. Choose Custom or other embed types listed from the menu.

Insert an embed

Types of embed

  • Boom: Embed a playable Boom recording in your post.
  • Codepen: Embed code snippets from CodePen in your post.
  • YouTube: Embed a YouTube video in your post.
  • Twitter: Insert clickable tweets into your post.
  • Custom: Embed with a valid embed code.

Paste the embed code or content’s URL. Then tap the confirm button.

Embed URL

If you want to delete the embed, you can hover over the embed block and click the trash can icon that appears in the upright corner.

Embed card
🚗 Note
Embed is a kind of advanced block, which means you can drag and drop the embed block to rearrange it. You can learn more about how to rearrange blocks here. One post can contain more than one embed.


You can also insert a visual web bookmark that contains the page’s title, description, URL, and the open graph image.

  • Click the Bookmark icon under the text box
  • Past a valid URL and then press Embed Link
  • If you want to remove a bookmark, you can hover it and click the trash can icon at the top right. Or you can tap the edit icon to change the URL.

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