Introducing Channels

Every Trickle workspace comes with two sections - Team Channel and My Channel.

Team Channels

Team Channels are dedicated areas for your teams where everyone can collaborate on projects, align information, and discuss work. This section is perfect for aligning team members' perspectives and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Whether brainstorming ideas, discussing project updates, or resolving issues, the Team Channel section is the go-to spot for all your team collaboration needs.

My Channels

My Channels section is a private space that is exclusively accessible to you. This space provides you with the freedom to organize your personal work-related content, manage your tasks, and prioritize your to-do list without any distractions. You can use this section to save important notes, files, and documents that you don't want to share with the rest of the team.

Post & Database channels for team and personal use

You can create two types of channels for both team and personal use: Post channels and Database channels.

Database channels are project-oriented and focus on improving team collaboration and communication. They provide a centralized space to store important project-related files, documents, and notes accessible to all team members. Learn more about Database channels →

Post channels are the perfect places to initiate discussions, share ideas, and make announcements. It's like a virtual tea space that allows team members to contribute their thoughts and share their lives. Learn more about Post channels →

Organize channel list

  • All channels within a workspace will appear in the channel list. Here, you can reorder channels by dragging and dropping them.
  • To collapse or expand the list, simply click the Team Channel or My Channel dropdown.

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