What Is a Workspace

Trickle workspace is where people can connect and find the information needed. Each workspace comprises various channels — it could be a virtual tea space ☕️, a knowledge vault 📚, or a study group ✏️. You can be part of more than one workspace.

🫅 Note:
By creating a workspace, you automatically become the owner of the workspace.

Workspace list

On the left-hand side, you'll see a list of your workspaces. This shows all the workspace you've either created or joined.

  1. Create a new workspace: Click the + icon at the bottom of the workspace list. Then, follow the prompts to set up your new workspace.
  1. When working on a workspace, a small long purple bar appears on the left-hand side of the workspace icon.
  2. If there are any unread messages in a workspace, you'll see a small purple dot on the left-hand side of the workspace icon. This indicates that new messages are waiting for you to read.

You can reorder your workspace list by dragging workspace icons up and down.

Workspace sidebar

  • The workspace sidebar is your go-to navigation menu for the current workspace.
  • You can change the settings, perform a quick search, and access your threads, notifications, and starred items here.
  • All the channels for team and personal use can be found here.
  • If you ever need more space on your screen, you can hide the sidebar by clicking on the << icon. This will give you a more streamlined view of your workspace, allowing you to focus on your tasks at hand. You can expand the sidebar again by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right of the screen.

Control panel

The control panel at the top of the sidebar is where you can apply the following:

  1. Workspace dropdown: Open the workspace dropdown menu to invite people, check on the member list, and upgrade your current plan for the workspace.
  2. Search box: Type in keywords related to the content you want to search for in the search box.
  3. Threads: Click the Treads button to view all the conversations in the current workspace.
  4. Notifications: Click the Notifications button to view all the updates in the current workspace.
  5. Starred: Click on the Starred button to check the contents you've previously marked.
  6. Workspace Settings: Click the Workspace Settings button to set your account,  workspace and channel information, subscription plan, and billing information.

Channel list

The Channel list displays all channels located within the team and personal sections.

  1. Team Channels section: Everyone in the current workspace can access all channels nested inside this section.
  2. My Channels section: Channels in here can only be seen by you.

You can add  a new channel by clicking on the + icon next to the channel section where you want to create a channel.

Channel navigation

In the Channel navigation bar, you can find:

  1. Channel name: The current channel's name will be shown on the very left side of the bar, and the icon next to the channel name represents the channel types.
  2. View: Different views of the current channel will appear here.
  3. Pinned: Click on the 📌  icon to see all contents pinned in the current channel.
  4. Member: Click on the Member icon to show the member list in the current workspace. The Member icon will be highlighted in purple while the list is opened. Simply tap it again to hide the member list.
  5. Share: Click the Share button to share the current channel with the public. People who view your shared channel no longer need to join your workspace to gain access to it.
  6. Account dropdown: Open the Account dropdown menu to set your profile and account, view My page, or sign out.

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