Manage Members in Workspace

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Workspace roles

In Workspace, different roles and permissions can be granted to individuals:

  • Owner: A Workspace has a single owner who created it. The owner can change the Workspace settings, subscribe to plans, change workspace info, delete content in the Workspace, and change the roles of other members. Additionally, as the owner, they are automatically included in any team channels that members create within the Workspace.
  • Admins: Admins in a workspace have the authority to control member roles and content management. Additionally, they can invite or remove members from the workspace.
  • Members: Members have the ability to create and edit posts and items, but they are not authorized to make changes to the workspace settings.

How do I invite people to the workspace?

  • Switch to the workspace that you want to invite members to.
  • Select Add Members from the workspace dropdown, navigate to Workspace Settings on the control panel, and click Member.
  • Click Add Member button and send an invite by entering the email addresses.
  • Or click the Copy Link button to copy the invitation link to your clipboard. Share this link with others.
🔗 Note
To disable the invite link, toggle the switch above it to the off position. Alternatively, you can reset the link by clicking the resend link button.

Assign roles and remove members

  • Click the Settings button in the left sidebar.
  • Click the Members button in the setting window.

Assign roles

  • Click the dropdown toggle to the right of the member you want to assign a role, then select a role.

Remove members

  • Click the Remove button from the dropdown toggle.
♟️ Note
To assign roles to members or remove them from a workspace, only the owner and admins have the necessary permissions.

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