Post Channel

What is a post channel

A post channel is a real-time stream of posts, with each post comprising a part of the overall feed. Feeds bring the information based on the timeline. You can join the discussion of any post at any time or give reactions to it.

Post channel

What is a post

Post your thoughts to let everyone know what you’re thinking.

In Trickle, a post is acting like an “atomic event” that connect an instance with relevant stakeholders to have discussions around it.

Post tour

Post tour
  1. Post info: At the top of each post, you'll see information about the author, including their avatar, name, posted channel, and timestamp. When the user is online, a green dot will appear on the bottom right corner of their avatar.
  2. Post content: Below the post info, you'll find the post content, which can consist of different blocks. You can learn more about the types of blocks →
  3. Viewing status: You can have more insight into which posts are your or others’ most popular by tracking the views. You are able to see how many people have looked at each post and who have viewed it. The avatars of members who have seen a post will appear in its top right corner.
  4. Post menu: Open the post menu to edit, star, pin, duplicate, repost, move, or delete a post. Learn more about the post menu →
  5. Reactions: You can see how many reactions and how many people have interacted with this post. Click the emoji icon on the far right to continue adding reactions. Learn more about reactions →
  6. Reply in thread: Click this button to join the ongoing conversations in a post.
  7. Post bar: The post bar appears in the lower right corner when you hover over a post, and it allows you to react, share, star, and join the thread of comments.

How to create a post

Create a post
  • Click anywhere on the editor box at the top of the feed. Then, start typing after it has expanded.
  • Hit / to bring up a menu of contents if needed. Learn more about the types of content →
  • Click the Post button at the bottom right.

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