Database Properties

What are database properties?

Database properties define the data type and values of your database, enabling efficient grouping, filtering, and sorting capabilities. They facilitate effective organization and management of your data, empowering you to categorize and analyze information with ease.

Database properties

Types of properties

Type menu
  • Title: The database item's name. Hover over it and click Open to access the corresponding database page. Learn more about the Expanded Database Page →
  • Text: Allows you to enter plain text for notes and item descriptions.
  • Number: Stores numerical values.
  • Select: Presents a dropdown menu of tags, allowing the selection of one tag at a time.
  • Multi-select: Provides a dropdown menu of tags, enabling the selection of multiple tags simultaneously.
  • People: Allows you to mention multiple members in the current channel.
  • Date: Enables you to specify a date for setting reminders.
  • Checkbox: Used to indicate the completion status of a task or item.
  • URL: Provides a field to enter a relevant website link associated with the item.
  • Relation: Establishes links between items within the current database.
  • Created by: Automatically records the user who created the item.
  • Last edited by: Records the user who most recently edited the item.
  • Last edited time: Displays a timestamp indicating the item's previous edit.
  • Progress: Tracks the current progress of an item using checkboxes — the progress bar updates automatically based on the completion status of checkboxes, reflecting the overall progress achieved.

Manage properties

Adding a Property

You have two options to add properties to your database:

Add a property
  1. Click the + icon at the right end of the database.
  2. Access the View Options menu and click the + New Property button.
  3. Expand the database page and then click Add a Property button to include additional properties in your database.

Deleting a Property

You can delete a property using either of these methods:

Delete a property
  1. Click the property title you want to delete and press the Delete Property button.
  2. Utilize the View Options menu to delete a property. Click the View Options button, choose the property to delete, and click the Delete Property button.
✂️ Note
You are able to delete all types of properties except for the Title property/column.

Hiding or Showing a Property

Hide a Property

To hide a property, click the property name and select the the 👁️ eye icon option or access the View Options menu and click the eye icon associated with the property.

Show a Property

Scroll down to the Hidden in List section in the View Options menu. Then, click the crossed-out eye icon next to the desired property to bring it back into view.

Rearrange properties

In list view, you have two ways to rearrange properties:

  • Drag and drop: Simply click and hold the property title, then drag it to the desired position to rearrange it.
Rearrange properties
  • View Options menu: Access the View Options menu and use the ⋮⋮ icon to drag properties up or down, reordering them according to your preference.
View options menu
🎏 Note
In the list view, you can manage individual properties by clicking on the property name. In the board view, you can manage all the properties by opening the View Options menu.

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