Format Your Blocks

To create a more engaging and informative piece of content, consider utilizing various types of block to enhance your message. Here's a post that showcases different block types:

There are many types of blocks that you can use to build whatever you want. Simply hit the slash / key to bring up a list of block types. Here’s the full list of blocks types:

Trickle AI

  • Ask AI to write New: Fill out the prompt to ask Trickle AI to create anything you want. Learn more about Trickle AI →


  • Text: The regular plain text.
  • Headline 1: The largest heading, can be added with markdown # + space.
  • Headline 2: The medium-sized heading, can be added with markdown ## + space.
  • Headline 3: The smallest heading, can be added with markdown ### + space.
  • Bulleted List: Bullets. Markdown - + space or * + space.
  • Numbered List: Indents the text and automatically generates the next number. Markdown number + . + space .
  • Code block: Adds a block of code in any language. Markdown ``` + space. Learn more about the Code block →
  • Quote: Creates boxed text for quotes, tips, warnings, etc. Markdown > + space.
  • Divider: Adds a thin line to break down content. Markdown --- + space + enter.
  • Checkbox: Checkboxes for tasks and such. Markdown - + [] + space.
  • Embed: Embeds content from other apps into post. Learn more about the Embed →
  • Web bookmark: Adds a link preview of a URL to your post Learn more about the Bookmark →
  • Gallery: Creates a gallery on your post. Learn more about the Gallery →


  • Link to post: Repost someone else’s post or one of your one.

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