Upload Images

How do I upload images?

You can upload images in any format, including JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Here we’ll introduce two methods of uploading images in the editor:

  • Tap the Gallery icon under the text box
Image upload button
  • Click anywhere on the gray area. Maneuver through your folders until you find the images or GIFs you’re looking for, and then hit open.
Image input box
  • Or you can hit the / to bring up a list of block types. Scroll through the dropdown menu until you find Gallery, and then press it.
Slash image

Gallery displayed in the post

To change the layout of your gallery showing in a post. Click the Layout button. You can arrange how your gallery will be displayed as multiple images are uploaded.

Image layout button
🖼️ Tip
You can insert no more than 9 photos in a gallery at once. The photos’ layout cannot be changed while the gallery reaches its maximum. But you can create more than one gallery in a post.

There are many pre-built layouts that you can choose depending on how many images you upload at once:

Image layout 01
Image layout 02
Image layout 03
Image layout 04
Image layout 05
Image layout 06
Image layout 07

Add or delete an image

Hover over the gallery. Click the + button to add more photos.

Add or delete an image

You can delete a particular image by pressing the Remove button as you hover over it. Or click the Remove gallery button to delete all images uploaded.

Rearrange images

Place your cursor over an image. Drag it to move around and then drop at your desired location.

Rearrange images

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