What is Trickle

Trickle is a collaboration tool that streamlines your workflow, lowers conflict during communication, and blends everything needed for project success. With Trickle, your team can work in a unified place without any clutter.

Why Trickle

Trickle revolutionizes team performance by integrating the Productivity Triangle into your day-to-day work. This cohesive framework effectively intertwines collaboration, communication, and alignment to boost your productivity.

Trickle Productivity Triangle comprises collaboration, communication, and alignment.

How Trickle carries out the Productivity Triangle

Database Channel boosts your collaboration

Trickle's Database channel fosters collaboration across teams, offering a range of views, including list, board, file, and more. You can customize the view of tasks and projects to suit your specific workflow, and achieve greater productivity with ease.

Expanded Thread helps you to communicate in context

Threads facilitate focused conversations on specific tasks or posts, ensuring that team members can collaborate effectively and remain on the same page. So you can discuss a project without context switching or shuffling between different apps.

Post Channel aligns everything for your team

The Post Channel creates a dynamic space for open discussions and timely announcements, fostering an environment for sharing brilliant ideas and aligning teams. It’s like an information hub that ensures transparency in communication and guarantees that everyone is up to date with the latest developments.

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