Writing with Blocks

What is a block

Everything on Trickle starts with a block in the editor, an atomic box carrying a piece of content. Every post is a stack of blocks combined.

Content in each block will be defined as a whole that can be dragged and dropped to another position. When you hover over a block, a ⋮⋮ block handle will appear in the left margin.

Block handle

How to add a new block

Here are three ways to add a new block in the editor:

Add a new block
  1. Add a hard line break by hitting the enter key
  2. Click on the handle ⋮⋮  of a block that you want to add a new block above it or below it
  3. Press the Add a block button
🎹 Note
When you create a hard line break by pressing the enter key, a new block would be created. However, creating a soft line break by holding the shift key and pressing the enter key will keep you on the same block.

Rearrange your blocks

⋮⋮ appears in the left margin when hovering over a block in the editor. Drag and drop it to reshape and rearrange your thoughts.

Rearrange your block

Transform a block

Every block can be deleted, duplicated, or switched into other types by clicking the ⋮⋮ symbol on the left of the block. You can also insert another block above or below a block by pressing insert above or insert below.

Transform a block

Action menu

  • Delete: Uses this to delete the selected block.
  • Duplicate: Makes a copy of the text block.
  • Turn into: Transforms the selected block into another type of block (like the 1st Headline into 2nd Headline).
  • Insert above: Adds a block above another one.
  • Insert below: Adds a block below another one.

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