August 26, 2022

Release V0.2.2

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🚪 Google Sign In

Google Sign In is now supported for you to create and access a personal Trickle account using your Google login credentials.

🔔 Update Notification

An Update Notification will pop up when a new version is released and let you keep up to date. P.S. You’ll see the notification when the next version is released.


  • The search experience was buggy, so we polished it up.
  • Page load speeds are now much faster!
  • The thread loading should feel faster and smoother.
  • We increased the plaint text size from 14px to 15px.

Bug fixed 🐞

  • Fixed a bug that prevented pinned content and threads list from loading correctly when switching workspaces
  • Before, it is always located to the newest post when pressing the back button on the thread page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused @mentions to stop working when replying in thread of pinned posts.
  • Before, search could not return the posts duplicated by “copy to”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the real-time update of the account profile after changing the avatar or nickname.
  • Before, bookmark kept loading when embedding invalid URLs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a weird layout when expanding a post with long-form content.
  • Previously, inviting members by entering email addresses triggers unnecessary auto-fill.
  • Before, the list of members next to the news feed could not adapt to different window sizes.

Hot fixes 🔥

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