May 9, 2022

Release v0.1.0

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🏞 Gallery & images layout templates

Different layout templates are available for shared images as they appear in posts. Images can be displayed in different layouts depending on how many you upload.

🎨 Adaptive background

The background can extract dominant colors from images and apply them.

📦 Inline code

Use the back-tick (`) to bring up the inline code.



  • Press the tab to indent the whole block.


  • Adjusted letter space, height, and weight make the font easy to read and suitable for posting.

Fixed bugs with pasting in Safari

  • Before, an extra blank line would be generated when pasting blocks in Safari.

@Mentions weirdness

  • Typing before @Mentions would cause weird characters to appear.


  • Previously, the checkbox would be unticked by chance.

Inserting Tags

  • Before, tag spelling appeared out of order when pressing #.

Typing Chinese characters

  • Before when pressing Shift-Enter, Chinese characters did not go down a line.

Bug fixed 🐞

Hot fixes 🔥

Features you can expect from our upcoming releases

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