July 13, 2022

Release v0.1.3

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🧩 Multiple embeds

Before, only one embed was allowed on each card. Now you can make more than one embed in one go.

📖 Web bookmark

Web bookmark embedded is now supported. Click the </> button, then select web bookmark in the dropdown menu that appears.

🚧 Warning popups

A “leave site” popup will be triggered to remind the changes may not have been saved when you are in the middle of editing a card and decide to leave the site.

Conducting the poll and task templates can overwrite the text content written while composing. When you press the template button, a warning popup will show to confirm the changes.


  • The maximum height of composer was gone. Composer now can expand to fit the content.
  • Before, if you wanted to reorder the choices within a poll or a task, you had to delete them and recreate them. Now you can resort the choices by easily dragging and dropping.

Bug fixed 🐞

Hot fixes 🔥

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