October 27, 2022

Release v0.2.5

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🔔 Notifications

In this release, we are bringing you in-app and email notifications to help you stay on top of all major updates across your workspace. Now you will see a Notifications button in the left sidebar. This will show whether you have any notifications and how many. You can personalize which notifications you would like to receive through Notification settings.

➡️ Trickle to Notion

We’re so thrilled that Trickle now can connect to Notion! You can easily save your Trickle posts to the Notion database by following the prompts. Every post will be turned into a row of records in the database. We are constantly working on connecting Trickle with other apps you use every day. So, stay tuned!

🧵 Post status update messages

Now you can see the update messages in the thread as a post is edited or has anyone engaged with it. When members are catching up on the status of a post, it is helpful to give an insight into how people engage in the post and discussion.

😃 Emoji version upgraded

Our Emoji fonts were upgraded from version 10.0 to 13.1. Now you can see more options and have a view of recently used Emojis. The new version also has six skin tones for human Emojis 🙆🙆🏻🙆🏼🙆🏽🙆🏾🙆🏿.


  • We made a whole host of mobile UI improvements for a smoother experience.

Bug fixed 🐞

  • Before, clicking on the TrickleAPP avatar would redirect you to a 404 page. Now it’s fixed.

Hot fixes 🔥

Features you can expect from our upcoming releases

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