December 22, 2023

10 Essential UX Writing Tools for Every Startup Designer in 2024

Min Zhou
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Dec 22, 2023

Elevate your brand or career with the power of exceptional UX writing. This article is a must-read whether you're building a top-notch UX writing team or a UX writer looking to scale new professional heights.

Discover the game-changing tools and strategies that can transform user engagement and drive your brand's success. This guide is your key to unlocking the full potential of UX writing in enhancing user experiences and setting new industry standards. Dive in to make a lasting impact in the digital world!


Trickle is the best tool for UX writers building their own treasure trove of copy inspiration. An image is always worth a thousand words, and you can't save UX copy without the context of the UI. When you come across good UX copy and want to screenshot it for later use, the last place you'd want to store it is in system folders. There's a great chance you'll never find it again.

Trickle can understand your image assets with the power of AI. It does more than search for an exact keyword to find specific images—especially when you might not remember the exact keyword in certain copies. For example, ask the AI, “Give me three examples of titles with fewer than five words”, and it will search through your archive to provide you with the answer.


  • Unlimited - $8 USD/ month billed annually or $10 USD/ month billed monthly

Markup revolutionizes the review process with its visual commenting capability, allowing instant annotations on digital content. It streamlines feedback, sidestepping the convoluted email chains often associated with creative reviews.

The tool is a boon for design and development professionals who value pinpointed feedback for swift revisions. Users applaud its intuitive interface and expansive integration options via Zapier, enhancing its utility across various applications. Embracing could mean a significant leap forward in efficiency for teams seeking to refine their collaborative approach to project edits.


  • Free - $0/ month for unlimited users
  • Pro - $25 USD/ month for unlimited users
  • Enterprise - Custom


Mobbin is a specialized tool designed for UI/UX designers and researchers, aimed at simplifying the process of finding inspiration and conducting research. It offers a vast library of over 100,000 searchable mobile and web screenshots from various iOS apps.

This extensive collection serves as a valuable resource for exploring different design patterns, styles, elements, and user interfaces. Mobbin is particularly useful for saving time on UI/UX research, providing a user-friendly interface, and offering regular updates with fresh screenshots to keep your research relevant and up-to-date.


  • Free - $0/ month
  • Pro - $8 USD/ month billed yearly or $12 USD/ month billed quarterly
  • Team - $10 USD/ month billed yearly or $15 USD/ month billed quarterly


Maze is a versatile testing tool for unmoderated usability studies with prototypes. It integrates smoothly with leading prototyping platforms like Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, and Marvel, ensuring a seamless transition of clickable elements.

Maze enhances prototypes with additional features like surveys and open-ended responses. It also facilitates participant recruitment directly within the platform. After test completion, Maze provides detailed reports including heatmaps, usability scores, and drop-off rates, offering comprehensive insights into user interactions with the prototype.


  • Free - $0/ month
  • Starter - $99 USD/ month or $1,188 USD/ year
  • Team - $1,250 USD/ month or $15,000USD/ year
  • Organization - custom pricing


The Hemingway App serves as an effective tool for enhancing the readability of your writing. It focuses on simplifying complex sentences, aiming to achieve clarity that would be understandable even to a fourth-grade student.

While this level of simplicity may not be necessary for all audiences, particularly those with a certain level of expertise, the app is still valuable for identifying spelling and grammar errors, thereby improving the overall quality of your content.


  • Free - $0/ forever
  • Plus plan - $8 USD/ month billed yearly or $10 USD/ month billed monthly


Hotjar stands out as a pivotal feedback collection tool for any published website. By simply adding a single line of code to your site, Hotjar unlocks the ability to gather insightful data through heat maps, user session screen recordings, and direct user surveys.

This tool offers a detailed view of user interaction with your web content. It provides key metrics such as the extent of scrolling and frequency of clicks, offering a deeper understanding of user engagement and behavior on your site.


  • Basic - $0/ forever
  • Plus - $32 USD/ month
  • Business - $80 USD/ month
  • Scale - $171 USD/ month


Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite designed to enhance online visibility and offer marketing insights. It supports a range of services including SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, and campaign management. This makes it a comprehensive solution for marketers seeking to improve their online presence and gather valuable marketing data.


  • Pro - $108.33/ month billed yearly or $129.95/ month billed monthly
  • Guru - $208.33/ month billed yearly or $249.95/ month billed monthly
  • Business - $416.66/ month billed yearly or $499.95/ month billed monthly


Figma, a web-based design tool, is revolutionizing the UX writing and design process. It's a multifunctional platform that supports UI/UX design, graphic design, and prototyping. Figma stands out for enabling real-time collaboration among multiple users, allowing UX writers and designers to work side by side.

UX writers can replace lorem ipsum text, make tweaks, add comments, and see their contributions, like microcopy for buttons or in-app messaging, come to life within the UI. The tool simplifies version control, tracking iterations, and updates, making it an ideal choice for creating user interfaces for websites and mobile apps.


  • Starter - $0/ Forever
  • Figma Professional - $12 USD per editor/ month
  • Figma Organization - $45 USD per editor/ month
  • Enterprise - $75 USD per editor/ month


UserBit is an intuitive and efficient platform designed for UX and product teams. It combines a rich set of tools for managing qualitative data, including interviews and surveys, with capabilities for creating user flows, personas, and journey maps.

The platform stands out for its user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and effective team collaboration features. With UserBit, managing and synthesizing research data becomes streamlined, enhancing overall design and research workflows.


  • Free - $0/ month
  • Pro - $30 USD/ month
  • Pro Unlimited - $199 USD/ month


UXtweak is an advanced UX research platform that enhances the understanding of user behavior and user experience for websites, apps, and prototypes. It integrates a variety of features, including session recording, card sorting, tree testing, mobile testing, and prototype testing, along with heatmaps and clickmaps, to provide a comprehensive view of user interactions.

This platform is instrumental in pinpointing usability issues and facilitating data-driven decisions for UX improvements. UXtweak not only aggregates all UX tests, including Figma prototype tests and surveys, in one convenient location but also provides deep insights through its various tools. While the interface may initially seem somewhat complex, investing time in exploration can unlock its full potential for organizing and analyzing UX research data effectively.


  • Starter - $0/ per user
  • Plus - $59 USD/ month per user billed annually or $99 USD/ month per user billed monthly
  • Business - $161 USD/ month per user billed annually or $180 USD/ month per user billed monthly

Final Thoughts

UX writing plays a vital role in crafting exceptional user experiences. As a UX writer, mastering the intricacies of navigating the web/app production process is crucial to leading the charge in this field.

We hope this guide has sparked new insights for you. At Trickle, we're not just about tools; we're about transforming your visual assets into powerful narratives with the help of AI-driven insights. Unleash the full potential of your projects with Trickle – learn more about our innovative approach here.

Build your visual treasure trove effortlessly with Trickle.

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